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We're using technology to bring people together.

Our mission is to use the power of empathetic listening to bring people together and make the world a kinder place. We are an antidote for divisiveness, and we support each other always. We encourage the
diverse expression of yourself in an anonymous exchange, without
judgement. We have strong foundational principles which are our guiding force.

Meet the Team

"I started HearMe because there’s a transcendence that comes from being truly heard, seen and validated by another human being. Being seen for who we really are, as a whole person, without judgment. There aren’t many opportunities for this magical connection in daily life, even though we’re surrounded by people every day who are also yearning for these things. So I helped build a platform for making these connections possible whenever we need them."
Adam Lippin - CEO of HearMe
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Meet the minds behind HearMe

Adam Lippin

Founder, CEO

Paul Gilbert

Innovation & Strategy

Zak Singh

Technical Cofounder

Madelon Guinazzo

Director of Training

Linn Dorin

Head of Finances

Daisy Belle

Listener Liasion

David Gold

Investor - GHS Ventures

Supporting Organizations

We’re proud to be working with organizations who are committed to empowering deep connections.