We're using technology to bring people together.

HearMe is an on-demand emotional wellness app that connects members to our trained volunteer listeners for instantaneous text chat, anytime and anywhere. With thousands of empathetic listeners across the globe, we help you find support, release stress, and feel better through one-on-one peer support.

Founded by Adam Lippin, HearMe is committed to using the power of listening to provide a safe space for people to share what’s on their mind with listeners who want to be there. During his teens and early 20s, our founder Adam Lippin struggled with addiction and loneliness. By sharing his experiences with others in his recovery, Adam learned about the benefits of peer support. These transformative experiences led Adam to create HearMe to make it possible for everyone to authentically connect with another human being and experience the benefits of being truly seen, heard and validated. With loneliness and mental health increasingly becoming a public health crisis, there’s never been a more important time for people to find the support they need.

With strong foundational principles as our guiding force, HearMe’s diverse community of dedicated and trained listeners creates a sustainable peer support network that offers wide-ranging benefits for both those receiving the support and listeners themselves. There aren’t many opportunities for authentic connection in daily life; HearMe makes these connections possible whenever you need them. We’re here for you.

Meet the Team

"I started HearMe because there’s a transcendence that comes from being truly heard, seen and validated by another human being. Being seen for who we really are, as a whole person, without judgment. There aren’t many opportunities for this magical connection in daily life, even though we’re surrounded by people every day who are also yearning for these things. So I helped build a platform for making these connections possible whenever we need them."
Adam Lippin - CEO of HearMe
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Meet the minds behind HearMe

Adam Lippin

Founder, CEO

Luke Sagaser


Erik Davtyan


Sarra Rashid

Head of Community

Madelon Guinazzo

Director of Training

Emma Sarjeant

Community Manager

Narek Ghevandiani


Abhishek Mani

Product Manager

Ishkhan Aslanyan

UI/UX Designer

David Gold

Investor - GHS Ventures

Rick Jackson

Director of Education and University Relations

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