General Inquiries
How do I join HearMe?
You can download HearMe from the Apple or Google Play store and create your account to start chatting with a listener in minutes. 

How much does it cost?
Currently we’re offering a subscription model ($7.99/mo or $69.99/yr USD) which allows us to focus on providing high quality listener support to our members and to expand our listener training programs.

What is the difference between peer support and therapy?
Peer support is the evidence-based practice where people with shared lived experiences are trained to provide knowledge, emotional, social, or practical help to others.  Our Listeners are all trained in providing peer support in areas of advocacy, mental health & wellness, self-care, trauma & crisis prevention, ethics, and motivation & empowerment. HearMe Listeners are not licensed therapists and HearMe is not a replacement for therapy, crisis hotline or for serious mental health issues that require a professional. HearMe can complement traditional therapy, providing a safe space and a trained Listener who will help you express yourself and clear your mind.

Who are HearMe Listeners?
HearMe Listeners are a diverse group of trained peers and social work interns who want to be a source of support for another person. Listeners have access to a wealth of educational resources so that they have the skills needed to support you.

What kinds of things can I talk about?
HearMe is a judgment-free space to discuss whatever is on your mind. You can choose from topics such as health and wellness, work stress, LGBTQIA+ & identity, parenting, or just to talk. 

Are my conversations confidential? How is my privacy protected?
With HearMe, you never have to worry that your conversations will be shared. Text chats are kept anonymous, and Listeners uphold the strictest levels of confidentiality. HearMe does not disclose your identity or any personal information, except your first name and initial message, to Listeners. Listeners will never ask you to disclose your full name, address, email, social media or any other confidential information, and all of your chat data is encrypted. You can read HearMe’s full privacy policy here.

Are there any age restrictions?
You need to be 18+ to join HearMe at this time.

I am experiencing a crisis. Can HearMe help?
HearMe is not a crisis resource. If you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, or of hurting someone else, contact the crisis lifeline at 988 to speak to a trained counselor and be connected to resources. Learn more at

Listener Inquiries
How can I become a listener? 
HearMe is currently pausing adding new Listeners. Click here for a link for new applications of interest.

Do you offer internships?
Bachelor and Master of Social Work internships are being offered, please contact Rick Jackson at

How can I view/change the topics I’m a Listener for?
Go to the Me tab, tap the settings cog in the upper-righthand corner, then select “Listener Settings”. Select “Change topics” to change your selected topics.

Technical Support
I'm experiencing technical difficulties with the app. Who can help me with this?

Report tech issues in the Give Us Feedback section of the app (Me Tab → Settings → Give us Feedback). This will ensure that the issue is sent directly to the tech team and that they will address it in a timely manner.

I’m experiencing payment issues.
All payment inquiries will need to be handled through the app store (IOS or Google Play). We’ve linked some articles that may be helpful below.
Apple Store
Google Play

How do I cancel my subscription?
All payment inquiries will need to be handled through the app store (IOS or Google Play). We’ve linked some articles that may be helpful below.
Apple Store
Google Play