Foster a community of empathy and trust within your organization.

HearMe reconnects your internal community, improves mental wellbeing of employees, and provides actionable data insights to your organization.

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Not another EAP, and that's a good thing.

Employee mental wellness is more important now than ever before - and yet median employee assistance program (EAP) utilization is at just 5%, costing you and employees time and money. It's time to rethink the model.

HearMe isn't an EAP. It isn't therapy. It's a radical new way to rejuvenate your internal community through the power of peer support.

HearMe anonymously connects employees with shared lived experiences such as stress, loneliness, and more for authentic, confidential text-based conversations.

Not an enterprise? Whenever an organization faces gaps in reaching their audience, HearMe has a solution. Check out our other use cases.


A New Way to Support Employees

HearMe helps employees find someone to talk to whenever they need to in order to improve their well-being. Our model aims to replicate and scale the benefits of sharing experiences with others, a foundational principle of recovery programs, which inspired the early EAP movement. HearMe’s platform brings EAPs back to their original goal: peer support.

Peer support uniquely offers understanding and validation before an employee is in crisis mode. Research shows that peer support can increase self-esteem and social function, reduce hospital admission rates and decrease the use of inpatient services.

Mobile First

Accessibility and convenience are our primary concern. Our mobile app enables user-friendly engagement and real-time notifications, even when your employees are on the go.

Flexible Features

We designed HearMe to be extremely modular, which allows you to keep only the pieces that fit your needs and workflows.

Instant Onboarding

No forms to fill out. Employees can start using HearMe without entering any personal information.


More than a messaging app.

AI-Driven Matching Algorithm

Employees are matched for conversations based on the topic they wish to discuss, as well as their age, gender, location and language. Our customizable matching process is based on the parameters that matter most for your organization.

Rooms for Group Discussions

Use our Rooms feature to coordinate group discussions between employees. Run Diversity & Inclusion meetings, discussions about parenting while working from home or just a quick watercooler hangout.

Mood Tracking & Journalling

Employees can track their progress, conversations and wellbeing through our interactive journal experience.

Meaningful Data Analytics

Access HearMe’s anonymized dashboard with insights on employee sentiment, feedback mechanisms and moderation tools. Your data-rich dashboard provides insights that can transform the way you engage your employees and improve the quality of support they receive.

E2E Encrypted & HIPAA Compliant

Conservations are end-to-end encrypted with the same algorithms used by militaries worldwide. This type of encryption ensures that HearMe can't read your messages, and neither can your organization’s administrators. HearMe is currently pending verification for HIPAA compliance, protecting you and your employee’s privacy.

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