Foster a community of empathy and support within your university.

HearMe reconnects your internal university community, improves the mental wellbeing of students, and provides actionable data insights to your university.


Better support for your students at scale.

Mental health is a pressing concern for college students, hindering their academic performance and personal growth journeys. The COVID-19 pandemic and its drastic change to students’ day-to-day lives has made this crisis even more urgent.

Although US higher education institutions offer formal mental health support through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), many of these centers are too overextended and financially strapped to provide support to students in crisis, and stigma still prevents many from seeking help. As a result, university services are failing to reach students when they are at their most vulnerable.

HearMe is the leading peer support solution already being used by tens of thousands around the world that can help your students as soon as they need support by connecting them with people who want to listen.


A New Way to Support Students

Peer support is a critical component of student wellness and resiliency. While not all students need help at a clinical level, research shows that peer support can increase self-esteem and social function, reduce hospital admission rates, and decrease the use of inpatient services.

Digital peer networks can put this proven method in reach for all students. HearMe for Students can improve existing CAPS offerings at your university through an anonymous, secure, and easy-to-use platform that can relieve pressure on your student services, improve retention, provide new tools for diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, and provide immediate support—all at an affordable price.

Mobile First

Accessibility and convenience are our primary concern. Our mobile app enables user-friendly engagement and real-time notifications, even when your students are on the go.

Flexible Features

We designed HearMe to be extremely modular, which allows you to keep only the pieces that fit your students' needs.

Personalized Connection

Students can be connected for one-to-one anonymous text conversations with peers and university resource specialists in real-time.


More than a messaging app.

AI-Driven Matching Algorithm

Students are matched for conversations based on the topic they wish to discuss, as well as their age, gender, location, and language. Our customizable matching process is based on the parameters that matter most for your university. 

Rooms for Group Discussions

HearMe’s Rooms feature can be used to facilitate group discussions across your university, while topic-specific channels - such as relationships; diversity, equity, and inclusion; or LBGTQ identity - help ensure that users get customized support.

Mood Tracking & Journalling

Students can track their progress, conversations and wellbeing through our interactive journaling experience.

Meaningful Data Analytics

HearMe’s anonymized dashboard provides insights on how your students are using HearMe and how they are progressing to improve the quality of support they receive.

HIPAA Compliant

HearMe is HIPAA compliant to protect your students’ privacy. Anonymity allows our users to share their struggles without fear of judgment from peers or specialists.

Bring HearMe to Your Campus

We'll meet to discuss how HearMe can be tailored to suit your university.