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Quick Conversations to Change Your Day.

We all need someone to talk to. HearMe anonymously connects you with an empathetic Listener in under a minute, 24 hours a day - for free. Take charge of your mental health.

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A Diverse group of Listeners here for you and your mental health needs
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Feel Happier and Healthier
HearMe has been shown to increase happiness and reduce stress after just one session.
Safe & Secure
Chats are kept private and secure, and we’ll never share your conversations with anyone.
Be Heard
Talk with someone who gets it, and leave each conversation with clarity, focus and gratitude. 
Get Unstuck
Leave each conversation with a HearMe Listener with clarity, focus, and gratitude.
Track your Emotional Journey
Track your feelings in a dynamic, goal-oriented journal.
Share Without Judgement
This is a safe safe space to be you authentic self. 

How HearMe Helps

of users feel better after one chat with a HearMe Listener
< 1 min
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3 Simple Steps

Emotional wellness should not be complicated, so we've made it easy. Connect with a trained, empathetic HearMe Listener in real-time about any topic in your life. Share your problems, your doubts, your celebrations, your joy. They're here for you. 

Choose your topic and Listener preferences

Select the topic you would like to discuss with your Listener and who you would prefer to talk to.

Talk to a Listener about stress, anxiety, or anything, on demand

Get connected in under a minute

We’ll match you to a Listener who is best for you. Chat with them in real-time for as long as you need.

Track Your Journey

When you feel ready, end your chat and give your Listener a rating!

"It feels so good to have someone focus their full attention on me, even for just 15 minutes. I didn’t think this would really make a difference, but after I texted with a Listener, I felt refreshed and ready to face the day anew."
April 2020
“I found this app during quarantine and I absolutely love it. This app is amazing to just vent and have somebody to listen to your problems and not judge you. They give amazing suggestions and they’re open minded.”
February 2021
“My HearMe Listener knew where I was in my journey and where I was headed. Even though I don’t know where I'm going, I know I will get there and be ok.”
july 2020
“I joined HearMe 5 weeks ago, and I could not have been happier. Having the consistency of someone being available on a weekly basis on my own terms has helped me build stability, and I feel way more supported than before.”
August 2020

Volunteer as a Listener

Want to help others? Join a community of caring Listeners and gain access to unparalleled training from leading experts. Anyone with the dedication and compassion to be a source of support for others can sign up to be a HearMe Listener by downloading the app and completing our training course.

Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Listener?

A Listener is someone just like you - they're using HearMe to improve themselves.
Listeners have access to a wealth of educational content so that their empathy
skills are ready for you.

Is HearMe Therapy?

No, HearMe is not a replacement for therapy, and does not deal with psychological diagnosis. HearMe provides a safe space and a Listener who will help you express yourself and clear your mind.

What Kinds Of Things Can I Talk About?

HearMe provides a non-judgmental safe space to discuss whatever is on your mind or in your heart. We have listeners available to discuss Work & Productivity, School, Relationships, LGBTQIA and Identity, or you can just vent about your day. We're constantly adding new topics as we get more Listeners!