Be yourself.
We'll listen.

Feeling overwhelmed or lonely? Just need to talk? The HearMe app makes it safe and easy to text with a real person who is trained to provide emotional support the moment you need it.

24/7 confidential & anonymous

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A Diverse group of Listeners here for you and your mental health needs
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Be yourself.
We'll listen.

Feel Happier and Healthier
HearMe has been shown to increase happiness and reduce stress after just one session.
Safe & Secure
Chats are kept private and secure, and we’ll never share your conversations with anyone.
Be Heard
Talk with someone who gets it, and leave each conversation with clarity, focus and gratitude. 
increase in member mood after a single conversation with a HearMe Listener
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How HearMe Helps


3 Simple Steps

Emotional wellness should not be complicated, so we've made it easy. Connect with a trained HearMe Listener in real-time about any topic in your life. Share your problems, your doubts, your celebrations, your joy.

Choose your topic and Listener preferences

Select the topic you would like to discuss with your Listener and who you would prefer to talk to.

Talk to a Listener about stress, anxiety, or anything, on demand

Get connected in minutes

We’ll match you to a Listener who is best for you. Chat with them in real-time for as long as you need.

Track Your Journey

When you feel ready, end your chat and give your Listener a rating! You’ll be able to go back to your chats whenever you want.


HearMe is growing to better serve you. Want to learn more? Watch this video to view the new member experience.

While the app is new, our vision remains the same — for every individual to be seen, heard, validated, and supported for exactly who they are.

"A very patient and empathetic listener. I felt safe to open up about what was on my mind without being judged. My feelings were validated in a constructive and honest way, allowing the conversation to flow both ways to enable honest and open dialogue.
March 2022
"When you feel unheard or feel like that one person who should isn't hearing you, there are people here who listen without judgment."
March 2022
"She was the best listener. She simplified the problems and listened to what I was thinking/feeling and validated my concerns. I’ll go back to talk to her again and recommend it to others as well!"
December 2021
"Talking to a [listener] about a chaotic situation has helped put things into perspective not only about the situation itself but about myself as well. Getting everything off my chest and getting the right feedback was exactly what I needed."
February 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are HearMe Listeners?

HearMe Listeners are a diverse group of trained peers and social work interns who want to be a source of support for another person. Listeners have access to a wealth of educational resources so that they have the skills needed to support you.

What kinds of things can I talk about?

HearMe is a judgment-free space to discuss whatever is on your mind. We have listeners available to discuss Work & Productivity, School, Relationships, LGBTQIA and Identity, COVID-19, Parenting, Body Image and Disordered Eating—or whatever else comes up for you.

Are my conversations confidential?

With HearMe, you never have to worry that your conversations will be shared. Text chats are kept anonymous, and Listeners uphold the strictest levels of confidentiality. HearMe does not disclose your identity or any personal information, except your first name and initial message, to Listeners. Listeners will never ask you to disclose your full name, address, email, social media or any other confidential information, and all of your chat data is encrypted. You can read HearMe’s full privacy policy at

Is HearMe therapy?

Our Listeners are skilled in providing empathy via a sub-clinical peer support model; they are not licensed therapists. HearMe is not a replacement for therapy, crisis hotline or for serious mental health issues that require a professional. HearMe can complement traditional therapy, providing a safe space and a trained Listener who will help you express yourself and clear your mind.
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