HearMe Listeners

Our Listener community is at the heart of our mission.

Who are HearMe Listeners?

HearMe listeners are just like you! However, they undergo extensive, ongoing training on active listening, empathetic conversations, and one-on-one peer support through text-based conversations.

HearMe staffs listeners based on the demographics, backgrounds, and industry expertise of our members so that every member gets matched with a listener who has lived in their shoes. Our Community of Listeners is made up of a diverse and global group, who strive to be the best listening support for others. All HearMe Listener’s are provided with comprehensive foundational training and ongoing workshops to help build skills for community members.

Our Community Directors and Program Administrators continually monitor listener feedback and perform chat audits to ensure that our members are always being matched with the highest quality listener.  


For more details or to inquire about these or other internship opportunities with HearMe, please email internship-requests@hearme.app and include the “type of internship” you’re seeking in the subject line. Please include a short introduction about yourself and attach your resume or any other relevant information pertaining to the internship.

Master of Social Work (MSW)

HearMe offers a fully remote placement site.  Both generalist (1st year) and advanced standing (2nd year) students can meet the requirements and competencies needed for CSWE-accredited university programs.  The placement offers weekly supervision by LCSWs.  HearMe can also accommodate BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) students.

  • University Approval for site placement
  • Interview by HearMe
  • Weekly Group/Individual Supervision
  • Effective and Timely Communication
  • Ability to support a Diverse Global Population
  • Advanced Active Listening Skills
  • 24/7 scheduling
  • Remote learning

Join our peer support specialist network!

We are tapping into the power of digital peer support to help solve the growing mental health crisis. With the help of our Community of Peer Supporters, HearMe aims to alleviate symptoms of depression, addiction, loneliness, and burnout, and reduce stress arising from social pressures, finances, family, and work-life balance for our platform members.

Join our network so that you are first in line for these exciting opportunities.

Who you are

You are a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) or equivalent, who is seeking the potential for paid opportunities, or you are a CPSS in training, in need of hours to complete your certification.

Benefits of joining our growing network

  • Global networking opportunities with professional peer supporters
  • Future paid opportunities as new contracts are added
  • Fully Remote – our mobile app ensures that you can work from anywhere
  • Flexible schedules - 24-hour platform offers 100% flexible hours
  • Complimentary training to broaden knowledge and enhance certifications
  • Free educational, self-care and social issues seminars
  • Professional development and supervision
  • Volunteer opportunities for real-world experience
  • Assistance navigating the certification process for the CPSS licensure
  • Coming soon: CEUs and Peer Support Specialist certification training
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