How we Serve

Be yourself. We'll listen.

genuine Human connection the moment you need it

The HearMe platform delivers 24/7/365 on-demand peer support to members. Our mission is inclusive by design allowing us to support a diversity of needs and populations.
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Immediate 1:1 chats

Members can connect with a Listener in minutes for one-on-one real-time support via our dedicated mobile or web app.
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Diverse Listener Base

The HearMe community encompasses a diverse group of peers so that every member gets matched with a Listener with shared lived experience.
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Robust Training

Every HearMe Listener goes through our Foundations in Responsive Support Training (FIRST) developed by licensed mental health professionals. All Listeners have access to ongoing and advanced training opportunities.
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Evidence-Backed Methodology

HearMe is built on the power of peer support—the evidence-based practice where people with shared lived experiences provide knowledge, emotional, social or practical help to each other. It has been proven to alleviate mental health symptoms, reduce in-patient admission rates and increase community tenure, and decrease substance abuse and depression. 
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Proven Results

Conversations with a HearMe Listener foster a sense of connection, combat loneliness, stress and burnout, and allow for an immediate outlet during times of stress, which has been proven to reduce escalation into more serious health issues.

Research by Stanford, Northwell and Penn State revealed HearMe conversations result in a significant increase in mood by approximately 57%.
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Quality Assurance & HIPAA Compliant

Our Community Directors and Program Administrators continually monitor Listener feedback and perform chat audits to ensure that our members are always being matched with the highest quality listener.

All HearMe data is encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.
According to Mental Health America, peer support:

Increases Quality of Life outcomes & Whole health

Peer support reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance use, and increases employment, hopefulness, life satisfaction, and more meaningful relationships.

Is cost-effective

Efforts to reduce depression/anxiety disorders in the workplace demonstrated a 30% decrease in prevalence, 36% decrease in suicide attempts, 4.43 fewer days of no work/reduced work in the previous 30 days; cost-effective & cost-saving.

Reduces need for clinical intervention

Peer support has been shown to be superior to clinical care in reducing depressive symptoms.

Increases Engagement rates

Peer support led to improved relationships with providers & social supports, increased satisfaction with the treatment experience overall, reduced rates of relapse and increased retention in treatment.