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Workplace wellness shouldn't be complicated.

Curated network of peer support specialists
Meaningful Data Analytics
SOC 2, GDPR  & HIPAA Compliant

Promote Well-being, Reduce Stress & Burnout and increase productivity

HearMe helps employees find someone to talk to whenever they need in order to improve their well-being. Peer support uniquely offers understanding and validation before an employee is in crisis mode. Research shows that peer support can increase self-esteem and social function, and reduce depression, anxiety, and substance use.

According to the APA, employees who have access to peer support in the workplace are more likely to feel engaged and satisfied with their jobs increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism. HearMe's robust community of peer support specialists provides culturally-affirming mental health and wellness resources and support to help foster a safe and inclusive work environment.
Secure digital peer support for employees with robust tools for employers, EAPs and Benefit Providers



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Harness the power of your people through human-centric data

HearMe can provide you with custom analytics to track mental and emotional wellness and anticipate the needs of your employees in real time. Anonymous, de-identified, aggregated data drives real-time, daily insights into population needs and trends; customized reporting is delivered directly to your inbox.
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Bring the Power of Empathetic Listening to your teams

Our active empathetic listening course provides a strong foundation for growing leadership skills, advancing professional development, enhancing communication, improving team dynamics, building trust and empowerment, and strengthening DEIB initiatives

Signal to your employees that investing in their well-being is critical

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