About Us

HearMe alleviates three pain points in behavioral health: affordability, accessibility and immediacy.

Our listeners are matched to the demographics and backgrounds of members based on shared lived experience.

Early intervention allows people to significantly improve from mild anxiety and hopelessness without the need for expensive clinical intervention.  
Taitz, WSJ, Oct. 2022

We believe that EVERYONE deserves to be heard.

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The HearMe app connects people with shared lived experiences for emotional and mental well-being or simply to get things off their chest. HearMe is available 24 hours a day and members get connected in under 3 minutes with a peer support listener.

Members are matched with trained Listeners for one-on-one text-based emotional support that is centered on empathy and understanding. These types of conversations have been proven to increase mood, foster a sense of connection, combat loneliness, stress, and burnout, and allow for an immediate outlet during times of stress, which can prevent more serious health issues.

Meet the Founder

Founded by Adam Lippin, HearMe is committed to using the power of listening to provide a safe space for people to share what’s on their minds with listeners who want to be there.

During his teens and early 20s, Adam struggled with addiction and loneliness. By sharing his experiences with others in his recovery, Adam learned about the benefits of peer support. These transformative experiences led Adam to create HearMe to make it possible for everyone to authentically connect with another human being and experience the benefits of being truly heard. With loneliness and mental health increasingly becoming a public health crisis, there’s never been a more important time for people to find the support they need.

"What HearMe does is simple. It isn’t a complex idea. But it is profound. It is what being human is all about."

Adam Lippin

Our Team

Kariena Greiten 
President & Chief Growth Officer
Adam Lippin
Founder & Strategic Advisor
Kristy Malm
Chief Operating Officer
Rick Jackson, LCSW, BACS
Director of Education & University Relations
Anh Wilson
Business Development Lead
Jennifer Fernandez
Listener Program Administrator

Board of Directors

Deb Gage
Executive Chair of the Board
CEO and Board Member
Health Tech | Population Health Care Navigation | Digital Health
Steven Hochberg
Board Member
Operating Partner, Deerfield Management
Jonathan Westfield
Board Member
VP Corporate Development, Optum
Bunny Ellerin
Board Member
Co-Founder and CEO, Digital Health New York
CEO, Ellerin Health Media
Dr. Seth Feuerstein
Board Member
Asst Clin Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology
Judy Toran Cousin
Board Member
P&L Accountability Hypergrowth & ROI | Executive, Intrapreneur, Board Member  Start-Up & Growth Stage Companies
Kathy Mandato
Board Member
Chief People Officer, XPRIZE