Announcing Our University Program To Support the Unique Mental Health & Wellness Needs of Students Across the Country

October 17, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of our University Program focused on college students in order to address the growing young adult mental health crisis in America. Students across the country are in need of better resources to address their mental health and wellness. The HearMe app gives students the ability to text with someone outside of their community in real-time 24/7, protecting their anonymity and providing a safe and comfortable space to be heard, seen and validated. 

We are excited to partner with campus ambassadors and mission-aligned university organizations to expand outreach and impact of our peer support platform. The program aims to bring awareness to the resources we offer to students and gives students a chance to witness the impact of HearMe firsthand through the experience of their fellow peers. In the course of our collaboration, we selected ambassadors and student leaders to advocate for the program across the United States. Ambassadors were selected based on their involvement in on-campus initiatives, concern for mental health and wellness, and interest in hands-on social media and brand marketing experience.

“As a Villanova HearMe ambassador, I strive to create a safe and welcoming community for all Villanova students. I am excited to begin my position as an ambassador because I will be able to offer a mental health outlet to individuals that are struggling and searching for someone to talk to. HearMe is important to me because so many teens like myself struggle with their mental health but don’t have easy access to mental health support systems. HearMe serves as an easily accessible outlet for individuals to discuss their struggles with receptive listeners.” Campus Ambassador Jillian Williams

In addition to the ambassador program, we have partnered with Dam Worth It and NAMI Louisiana to serve as a valuable mental health and wellness resource for their campus chapters. A portion of each subscription will be donated back to the organizations. Dam Worth It’s mission is to end the stigma around mental health at colleges and universities across the country through the power of sport, storytelling, and community creation. NAMI on Campus clubs address mental health issues so that all students have a positive, successful and fun college experience. Chapter members will work with us to promote the app and build community on their campuses through student-led events and discussions on the topics that matter most to students. 

"Our Dam Worth It team is incredibly excited to partner with a phenomenal organization called HearMe! It’s been a goal as a non-profit to provide students with access to mental health and wellness resources that can help further equip them with their mental health journey and we are thrilled to be bringing HearMe onto our roster of partners that does just that.” Dam Worth It Co-founders Nathan Braaten & Taylor Ricci

The app connects students to text-based emotional wellness support 24 hours a day, supplementing and taking the burden off of existing school-based systems that are being overwhelmed by increasing demand. Students using the app are directly supported by an expansive network of age-similar HearMe peer support interns pursuing their Masters in Social Work (MSW). Students can choose from unique topics and issues that impact them or can opt to “just talk”. This enables them to connect with trained peers who share lived experiences and challenges and can provide resources, empathy and a sense of genuine connection. This early sub-clinical intervention allows all students to thrive regardless of the challenges they face. 

In a recent report by TimelyMD, 88% of college students believe there’s a mental health crisis on campuses and 58% of students report being put on some type of waitlist at their college’s counseling services. Students with mental health concerns were twice as likely to leave an institution without graduating (HMN). Although campus support platforms are available, they are understaffed and underfunded. HearMe offers a sub-clinical intervention that allows all students to thrive regardless of the challenges they face.

“Being gay in college made me feel isolated, and I turned to unhealthy habits to cope when all I really needed was someone I felt safe with to talk to and tell me I was enough. We want every student to know that they are not alone. Our hope is to empower students to prioritize and take control of their own mental health care anonymously, anywhere, any time and without stigma. Students today are facing challenges I can’t even begin to imagine–what I do know is that they deserve a space where they feel safe, validated and accepted, and that’s what the HearMe app can provide.” HearMe Founder and CEO Adam Lippin

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