The Benefits of Social Prescribing

The HearMe Team
July 1, 2022

The Benefits of Social Prescribing 

Our current climate leaves no question as to the need for greater access to support through digital mental health services. However, with the market growing rapidly, there are increasing concerns over standards of care. More recently, health tech companies are coming under fire for unsafe prescribing practices that put profit over people.

Experts say patients are being prescribed medications they don’t need when they could be better served by human connection and community support.

HearMe offers a social prescription solution.

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is a human-centric approach to connecting people to community support.

An estimated 20% of patients consult their GP for primarily social issues, given this and the driving forces of an aging population, increased complex health and social needs, and increasing demand on services, social prescribing is rapidly gaining popularity.

A recent survey showed that doctors are increasingly seeing patients who present with mental health problems as a result of loneliness. The same survey revealed that doctors believe patients should be able to access emotional support remotely through their phone or computer. 

Another study found that those who received a social prescription were 70% less likely to return for additional follow-up care than those who didn't receive one at all.

HearMe as a social prescription solution is safe, effective, evidence-based and addresses the underlying issue of loneliness.

The benefits of social prescribing versus over prescribing medication are clear. Social prescribing has 

  • no negative side effects
  • no time limit
  • no wait
  • no risk of abuse
  • no dangers of fueling addiction and the drug epidemic that is continuing to plague our communities

And it’s available right now, at your fingertips.

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