Getting Started with HearMe

Follow the steps below to access your HearMe account and get connected with a Listener in minutes.

Welcome to HearMe!
We are a peer support* mobile app that allows you to text with trained empathetic listeners 24/7 in under 3 minutes to get things off your chest and be seen, heard, and validated in an anonymous, easy-to-use, and safe space.

Conversations with a HearMe Listener can foster a sense of connection, combat loneliness, stress and burnout, and allow for an immediate outlet during times of stress, which has been proven to reduce escalation into more serious health issues.

Who are HearMe Listeners?
HearMe Listeners are real people trained to provide one-on-one emotional support that is centered on empathy and understanding.

Getting Started (view step-by-step guide below):
Download the app now to text with a trained Listener the moment you need it. Note: Please log in using the email account where you received this link.
Google Play

If you have any issues signing up or using the app, you can contact our HearMe customer support by email.

Program Survey:
We are asking you to complete a brief survey so that we can tailor the program to fit your needs. All answers are anonymous and confidential. While the survey is optional, your feedback will strengthen the benefits of the program.

*HearMe provides sub-clinical peer support. It is not a crisis hotline or for serious mental health issues that require a mental health professional.

1. Download the app from your Apple or Google Play App Store.
Google Play

2. To login:
Open the app and click "Get Started"
Choose the “Continue with Email" or "Continue with Google" option
When choosing, "continue with email," you will need to select "Don't have an account?" on the sign-in page to create your account
Add your first name when directed to complete sign-up (you can use an alias if you'd like)
Note: you will need to use the email address associated with your benefits to access your free account.

3. When you're ready, select the "Find a Listener" button on the home screen to choose your topic and start texting with a trained Listener.

4. Log your mood and share a bit more about how you're feeling if you'd like. You will be connected with a Listener in minutes.

5. Chat with your Listener for however long you need. You can end the chat and provide feedback at any time.

6. Come back anytime, day or night, to connect with a new Listener.